During the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), which opened in Vladivostok, foreign participants of the event repeatedly noted the impossibility of isolating Russia with sanctions. This was reported by Izvestia correspondent Igor Baldin on 10 September.

For example, Mohammed Saleh Hassan Al Baidani, director of the International Bustard Conservation Foundation, noted that relations between Russia and his native United Arab Emirates (UAE) continue to develop.

“I think the relationship has developed a lot in recent years, even opened a Russian school for the first time in the Emirates I think it will still develop,” Mohammed Saleh Hassan Al Baidani said.

However, Roberto Varquez, a member of the Cebu provincial government in the Philippines, also agreed that economic sanctions cannot isolate Russia. According to Varquez, problems need to be solved together, not through restrictions.

According to Yu Miaojie, rector of Liaoning University, the relations between Russia and China are in a state that will allow the countries to become reliable strategic partners for a long time, so there is no question of isolating Russia.

The 8th Eastern Economic Forum will be held in Vladivostok on 10-13 September 2023. The EEF is one of Russia’s largest international venues, which has been hosting guests on Russky Island (Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai) every year since 2015.

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