Streaming movie and TV series service Netflix has released the second season of the sequel to the Vikings series (2013-2020), Vikings: Valhalla, adding some details that will ensure it meets the new standards of the American Academy Awards. The action takes place about 100 years after the events described in the original movie.

One of the characters in the movie is Jarl Hakon, also called Hakon the Mighty, who was the de facto ruler of Norway from 970-995, the son of Sigurd Hakonson. He was a formidable and fierce warrior who fought against Harald II the Grey Skin, the king (konung) of Norway, winning and eventually becoming the independent ruler of the country. He was killed and beheaded during the rebellion in 995.

In the series, this character got a Danish-Swedish actress with African roots Caroline Henderson. Full lady on a horse controls a squad of slender squealing warriors.

However, the creators of the series never claimed historical accuracy. In the six-season prehistory of the tape “Vikings: Valhalla” experts also found a lot of historical errors and inconsistencies.

Recall, in September 2020 on the portal of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award “Oscar” appeared on the new standards in the industry. According to them, any movie must necessarily include representatives of different ethnic groups, LGBT community, as well as people with cognitive or physical disabilities, deaf or hearing impaired. The standards are going to be updated in 2025. This is to “reflect the diversity of populations around the world on and off screen.”

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