On Monday, 11 September, the business programme of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum kicked off in Vladivostok. The main theme this year is “Towards Cooperation, Peace and Prosperity”. During three days, politicians, experts and entrepreneurs from 50 countries will discuss the prospects of Russia’s economic development in the context of the country’s reorientation towards the East. In particular, the discussion will focus on the creation of new logistics chains, settlements in national currencies and the growing role of small businesses in Moscow’s relations with Asia. In addition, the participants will discuss the results of investment projects in the Far East and are expected to sign a number of new agreements. RT spoke to the forum participants and found out what else to expect from EEF-2023.

The forum will primarily focus on the structure of the new multipolar world and the main directions of development of the Russian economy in the changing environment. This opinion was expressed by Alexander Kalinin, one of the traditional participants of the EEF, president of the all-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses Opora Rossii, in a conversation with RT.

“The forum participants will focus on the creation of new logistics chains, including the Northern Sea Route, settlement schemes in national currencies, the cargo insurance system, customs procedures, and cultural exchanges. We will work out personnel issues in detail: now we need people who will understand the specifics of the Asian market, and our foreign partners have a need for personnel who have worked with Russian suppliers before and know the subtleties of interaction,” Kalinin said.

Professor Yevgeny Kogan of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, who is participating in the forum, told RT that special attention will be paid to the issue of increasing the investment attractiveness of the Far East. In his opinion, given the reorientation of trade flows and Russia’s priorities towards the East, the importance of the venue is growing manifold.

The central event of the EEF will be the plenary session, where Vladimir Putin is expected to make a speech. Vice President of Laos Pany Yathothu will also take part in the session. In addition, a number of bilateral meetings between the Russian president and heads of foreign delegations will be held on the margins of the forum.

“As always, these will be very, very busy days… The plenary session will be on 12 September, scheduled for 15:00 Vladivostok time (08:00 Moscow time – RT). We expect an interesting discussion,” said Dmitry Peskov, the head of state’s press secretary.

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