The US approach to the conditions for ending the Ukrainian conflict is changing. This was stated by Henry Sardarian, dean of the MGIMO Faculty of Management and Politics, commenting on US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s statement that Kiev should independently determine the conditions for ending the conflict in Ukraine.

“Blinken did not just talk about negotiations, he made several important clarifications,” Sardaryan told Sputnik Radio. – He actually said: it is up to the Ukrainian leadership to decide in which borders Ukraine will remain. If you look at it statically, you might think: well, what did he say, Ukraine has its own leadership, and who else should decide – Germans or Poles? But if we look at it in dynamics, we will see that this statement is undergoing great changes. For a long time the term was used that the territorial integrity of Ukraine cannot be questioned at all… We see that this thesis is over, now the question of the specific borders of Ukraine is a question of political will of the Ukrainian leadership.”

The fact that the US Secretary of State attributed the conditions for ending the conflict to Kiev’s exclusive competence can only mean one thing, he believes.

“In a situation when Western countries themselves and their leaders say that it is enough for them to stop supplies to Ukraine for three days – and this state will not exist, it would be ridiculous to assume that these same leaders will listen to the Ukrainian leadership on when to go to peace talks and when not to go… Ukraine in this case is an object, but in no way a subject. Therefore, if it is said that the issue remains on the conscience of the Ukrainian leadership, it actually means that when we, the Western countries, decide that we are satisfied with everything, then the Ukrainian leadership will take responsibility,” the political analyst added.

Earlier, Anthony Blinken said that if Moscow showed interest in negotiations on Ukraine, Kiev would agree to start them and Washington would support the peace process.

In an interview with the ABC TV channel, Blinken explained that Kiev should decide on its own on what terms the Ukrainian conflict would end, while Washington would follow it in this matter.

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