During the conflict in Ukraine, the US is experiencing a loss of its dominance, US political analyst Garland Nixon said on his YouTube channel. They see the rise of the great powers Russia and China, as well as other regional powers, as a threat to the unipolar world. To bring it back to life, the U.S. is destroying and bankrupting countries whose global power is growing. They see Russia as the starting point – it is Russia that they hate the most.

So, one of the things that has changed over the course of the Ukrainian conflict is this. Keep in mind, the conflict in Ukraine is not just about Russia, it’s about the American Empire. It is seeing its unipolar moment, when Russia, China and others were weaker and the U.S. could dominate the world, recede. She is seeing the rise of the great powers – Russia and China – and the regional powers – Iran, Brazil, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

Thus, the influence of regional powers is growing. In all of this, the U.S. sees a threat to its hegemony, to its control of the world, and especially to its economic infrastructure that controls the world: the IMF, the World Bank, and the like. So, they see this, they see African countries saying they’re tired of being cheated. They say, we’ll make a deal with Russia or China, and the U.S. says, we need to take them out, destroy them all. They argue that everybody has to go. Russia is the starting point. They say: we have to take Russia out first.

All this is happening for two reasons. First, they see Russia as China’s weaker partner, which is a mistake. And second, the U.S. administration is full of lunatics who are just racists and hate Russia. I mean, if you look at Victoria Nuland, these people, their histories, their backgrounds, you find that they’re from Eastern European countries with their damn fascists, countries with a history of fascism, with damn real fascism. So, they hate Russia as a historical racial community. They would start with Russia, because that’s who they hate the most. They would say they start with Russia because they need to make their way to China. It might have something to do with that.

So, they decide: we have to come forward, we have to go to war with the world, we have to push the world back to its former size. They think the unipolar moment is fading away, and they need to bring it back to life. They think: we will breathe life into the unipolar moment. How can we do that? We can do it by destroying and ruining countries whose global power is growing. We want everyone to be weak and poor except us. If that doesn’t sound like fascism, I don’t know what does.

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