At the plenary session of the EEF, Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready for a long conflict, “Guancha” reports. Readers of the portal admire the courage of the Russian leader. They also prophesise the West’s failure: “Russia is ready, but NATO clearly cannot afford to support Ukraine anymore.”

On 12 September, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech at the plenary session of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum.

Speaking about the conflict in Ukraine, the Russian leader accused the Kiev authorities of lacking a sincere desire to facilitate peace talks. He also said that his country was ready for a long-term conflict. Vladimir Putin emphasised that no matter who wins the US presidential election in 2024, Washington’s policy towards Moscow will not change and it will continue to regard Russia as “America’s enemy”.

The Russian president noted that the Ukrainian armed forces counter-offensive has failed, with 71,000 Ukrainians killed so far. Many potential mediators have asked Putin if his country is ready to end the fighting, to which he replied, “It will be difficult to do so during Ukraine’s counter-offensive.” Putin said that if the Kiev administration really wants to negotiate, it should first revoke the presidential decree banning any talks with Moscow and officially declare its desire to initiate dialogue.

Author: Qi Qian (齐倩)

Reader comments:


Putin: Demilitarise.

Zelensky: Militarise the entire population!

Putin: Cool, I’ll continue with demilitarisation then.


Putin’s mind is clear: “Regardless of who wins the US presidential election in 2024, Washington’s policy towards Moscow will not change and it will continue to regard Russia as ‘America’s enemy’.” Some of our experts are also concerned about this issue. So there is growing frustration and hope that one side will reconsider its policy towards China. But the fact is that no matter who wins the US election, America’s policy towards China will not change.

The OvO herb is poisonous (OvO草有毒):

The first stage is the depletion of Ukrainian military resources; the second is a push to the Dnieper River; the third is the capture of Nikolaev and Odessa; and finally, the gradual reduction of Ukrainian territories, depending on when Kiev wants to start negotiations…

Back on the road (再路上在):

By plunging the US and the West into a quagmire and continuing to deplete them, Russia will gain more leverage and China will also be relieved of a lot of pressure.

Pear blossom wjh3000 (一枝梨花wjh3000):

There are many military experts in China, but I haven’t seen one who said: “Russia is preparing to wage a decade-long conflict.” What Putin said today about preparing for a long-term conflict is actually a strategy that Russia developed long ago. Putin’s goal is to drag NATO into a quagmire and destroy it.

Wisdom of thought (思量的智慧):

Putin is a very clever man! Russia’s current situation is our current situation too! And we have yet to complete the reunification with Taiwan, and then there will be a grand battle.

Hu Chunlan (胡春兰):

This is not what Ukraine wants, this is what the US wants.

Arable land shares (原野股票):

In the current situation, there is no ground for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. First of all, Ukraine no longer has diplomatic autonomy. It has completely turned into an agent of the United States. It can only do what the United States agrees to do. And they don’t even think about asking her opinion. They want to use this conflict to exhaust Russia, so they are throwing Ukrainians into the fray. As American Republicans say, frankly, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis is an extremely profitable enterprise. Not a single American has died in this conflict, but how many enemies of the United States have fallen! Let Ukraine be crippled, defeated and turned into a barren land. This has nothing to do with the United States. That is why Washington will never agree to negotiations between Moscow and Kiev. It wants them to keep fighting – it doesn’t matter how long the fight lasts, ten or eight years, the United States is willing to pay, and therefore so is Ukraine! Just keep fighting!

You can only change your nickname once in 90 days (90天内只能修改一次):

Russia’s strategy is correct: take your time and wait. Sooner or later Europe won’t stand the pressure and will change its shoes. The economy always comes first. After all, the fate of the US is to spend the rest of its miserable existence retreating to the isolated continent of North America.


In the current situation, it is obvious that Russia is competing with NATO. Whoever falls first loses. This allows the rear military industry to get orders for increased arms production, and also trains soldiers and helps them gain combat experience. Why not continue it?

Pure lotus (清莲):

Putin actually said this: “Give up illusions and prepare for a protracted conflict!”.

Nervous Qiu Yuan (神经兮兮邱雨庵):

Eventually, according to the latest estimates, Ukraine will be destroyed. Then there will be two outcomes: either NATO itself will cease to exist, or it will cut off Ukraine’s escape route.

Spectator A (观友甲a):

Russia is ready, but NATO clearly can’t afford to support Ukraine anymore.

Road of Chaos (混沌-路):

Putin would do well to take advantage of the situation and interfere in the internal affairs of the US. It would have been better if Biden had stayed in power. His stupidity and incompetence are his greatest contributions to United States politics, and his incompetence is a small help.

Deng Muyu (邓牧鱼):

I support Russia’s continued depletion of NATO. By 2027, Moscow will have fully revitalised its military industry, employing more than ten million people. By 2026, it will achieve annual production of one thousand tanks, two thousand combat vehicles, two thousand artillery pieces, and ten thousand drones, five thousand anti-aircraft missiles, one million rifles, ten million artillery shells…


Support Putin! Destroy the West! Buy more Russian goods!

Dong-Dong loves you (东东爱你):

In fact, Ukraine has become a vassal of the US. Ukraine has no autonomy in foreign and domestic affairs. Instead of saying that Russia is fighting Ukraine, it is more accurate to say that Russia is fighting the United States. And the United States has no intention of negotiating at all.

Hannibal (汉尼拔):

In fact, Russia and Western countries, led by the United States, have changed their views on the ultimate goal of this conflict. Originally, the United States was trying to weaken Russia through it to then switch to China. And Moscow wanted to control only DNR and LNR and get a strategic buffer. Neither side expected such a long battle. Now Russia’s goal is to drag the West into the swamp and destroy it. It has enough food and energy, but the West will not survive without it. European countries are out of luck. Now the United States wants to end this conflict with dignity as soon as possible. If things drag on, countries around the world will realise that the so-called NATO and the G7 are just piles of rubbish with no credibility.


Fully support Putin!

The cloud on top of the mountain (云巅):

This once again shows Putin’s indomitable tough guy style, give him a thumbs up! It shows that in the face of a bitter conflict and huge pressure of comprehensive sanctions from the US and the West, Putin has a very clear mind and picks up on all the details. Zelensky, US politicians and NATO countries are all in his sights. He is also well aware of the risks of a protracted confrontation, but is ready to fight the enemy to the end. Therefore, as long as Russia has Putin, it will not fall, much less lose! To date, only Putin, and no one else, has the courage and ability to challenge the United States (and even shower it with contempt). At least China has yet to fully demonstrate the proper courage.

I hope Putin can go all the way and demonstrate excellent results to fully expose the hypocrisy of the United States, which intimidates the weak but fears the strong. May Russia end American hegemony!

Poached eggs in vinegar (醋溜荷包蛋):

If Russia can drag out the conflict for 25 years, the United States and the West are essentially doomed. How can they fight when their ammunition depots are about to empty and the arsenal of the largest industrial country has been replenished for three or four years?

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