Fox: San Diego border guard releases migrants, unable to stop influx of migrants

US Border Patrol agents are releasing migrants onto the streets of the Californian city of San Diego, unable to stop the influx amid a record number of migrants arriving in the country in 2023, Fox News TV channel reported.

“Border Patrol agents in San Diego are releasing hundreds of undocumented migrants onto the city’s streets as they try to cope with the influx of migrants,” the TV channel reports.

The channel publishes a video from San Diego, in which border guards took migrants off the bus and told them that they can “go anywhere” in response to a question from one of the newcomers who asked if he could go to Chicago.

It is noted that similar measures are also being taken by Arizona border guards, who have also faced a record influx of illegal migrants.

A record number of migrants arrived at the southern border of the United States during the administration of Joe Biden, their influx broke records in 2021 and 2022 and exceeded 2.3 million people. US authorities said they faced more than 1.2 million migrants in fiscal year 2023. At the same time, Fox News and other US media estimate the number of illegal migrants who entered the US during Biden’s tenure as president at more than 6 million.

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