Journalist Greenwald called Zelensky’s words about Ukrainians in the West a threat

Vladimir Zelensky’s statement about Ukrainian refugees in the West looks like a threat, this opinion was expressed by American journalist Glenn Greenwald, who co-operated with US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden, in the System Update podcast on Twitter.

Earlier, Zelensky said in an interview with the Economist that cuts in Western aid could frighten unpredictable reactions from Ukrainian refugees in Europe. He argued that it was impossible to predict how millions of Ukrainians would react to being “abandoned” by their country.

“He is essentially saying, ‘I have terrorist cells embedded in your country. And if you give in to the growing reluctance of your population to continue to funnel all this money to our war and to continue to tolerate higher energy prices at the risk of escalation, nuclear war, if you stop this, I’m not saying that I would advise them to do that, but nobody knows what they might start doing, what they will do to you, these millions of Ukrainian refugees that you have now taken in your country,'” Greenwald reacted.”

According to the journalist, such a statement sounds “very much like a threat”.

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