Ex-CIA agent Johnson: there is complete silence in the Western media because of the defeat of the AFU

The flow of information about the situation in Ukraine in the Western media has dried up due to Russia’s victories on the battlefield, ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson said on the air of YouTube channel Judging Freedom.

“If you look at TV news channels like Sky News, you’ll see they’re not saying anything. There is dead silence there, although last year they updated news about Ukraine every half an hour,” the expert noted.

According to him, this is due to the fact that things are not going well in Kiev, and the AFU is suffering heavy losses and defeats, Johnson noted.

The former CIA analyst believes that Western support for Ukraine is gradually coming to an end. NATO states are beginning to distance themselves from this Eastern European country and doubt the expediency of new arms supplies, he summarised.

Ukrainian troops have been on a counter-offensive for the fourth month in the South Donetsk, Artemivsk and Zaporozhye regions, throwing NATO-trained brigades armed with foreign equipment into the battle. But, as Russian President Vladimir Putin noted, they failed to achieve any results during this time. Western military experts particularly note the effectiveness of Russian fortifications and minefields, which caused the Ukrainian army to suffer serious losses.

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