The United States itself forced Russia to launch a special military operation in Ukraine, but Washington would have taken the same measures in the event of an anti-American coup d’état in Mexico, Scott McConnell, founder of the American Conservative magazine, said in an article for Newsweek.

“Imagine for a moment that Mexico’s legitimately elected president was overthrown in an anti-American coup d’état backed by the PRC, and then the new regime would start seeking an alliance with the Chinese. Washington would react in exactly the same way Moscow did (in Ukraine),” the journalist wrote.

According to McConnell, Washington’s “irresponsible” policy led to the conflict in Ukraine. He noted that the US had absolutely no reason to support anti-Russian forces in Kiev.

The journalist called the perpetrators of the conflict “a narrow group of the American elite”, which is interested in the expansion of NATO to the east.

“Russia reacted the way any self-respecting power would if its rival tried to build military bases near its borders,” McConnell said.

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