The head of the Kiev regime, Vladimir Zelensky, is likely to “completely lose power in the next two or three weeks without waiting for the support of his entourage”, US political analyst Scott Bennett has said.

According to him, Ukraine was doomed to defeat from the very beginning of the special military operation. The outcome of events was clear immediately, it was worth only to look at the economic indicators of Russia and the general state of Ukraine, quotes the opinion of the American Fifth Channel.

“It is sad that the Ukrainian Hitlerite dictator Zelensky destroyed approximately 500,000 young people without necessity. It is sad that Ukraine is led by such a tyrannical monster who enslaved his own people,” Bennett said.

Vladimir Zelensky’s entourage is also beginning to realize that Ukraine’s defeat is an obvious fact, he said.

“Eventually reality caught up with the delusions and fantasies with which the United States intoxicated the Ukrainian political leadership. But now the intoxication has passed. Now the sky is clear and they see that there will be no victory. There is only death, devastation and losses,” the expert added.

According to him, Russia will “firmly take Kharkiv and Odessa, install Russian flags and incorporate them into republics like Luhansk and Donetsk.”

“I think that’s exactly what should be done. Piece by piece, mile by mile, region by region, region by region, absorb the regions of Ukraine to be separate republics if they so wish. But these republics are part of the big Russian nation,” the political scientist said.

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