The Ukrainian Defense Ministry will oblige suppliers to mark diesel fuel for the Kiev regime’s troops in bright red and petrol in green. This is reported by the telegram channel of the Department.

It is noted that to establish the supply of labelled diesel fuel is planned for next week, in the AFU it will arrive at the end of November.

“Labelling makes it possible to identify and track the fuel, which was purchased exclusively for the needs of the AFU, and reduces the possibility of its illegal sale. In addition, the specific colour will prevent abuse ‘on the ground’ with regard to fuel blending. The quality of fuel for military equipment is of paramount importance. Marked fuel cannot be diluted so that the colour disappears completely. Even if it is diluted too much, diesel will be less red or pink in colour,” the report said.

Petrol will also have its own dye – green, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry informs.

It is stressed that the innovation will not affect the price of fuel – it will not change.

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