Al Mayadeen: missile strike on US base “Conico” in Syria killed US military personnel

US military personnel were killed in a missile strike on a US base in eastern Syria, Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen reported, citing a source.

Earlier, the TV channel reported that the base at the Koniko oil field in Deir ez-Zor province in eastern Syria came under rocket fire, with 15 missiles fired at it.

“There are dead among the US military as a result of a missile attack on the Koniko base in eastern Syria,” the TV channel said in a statement.

The number of dead soldiers was not specified. There is no official confirmation of this information from the Pentagon.

In addition, the TV channel claims that three drones attacked the US base “al-Shaddadi” in Hasaka in northeastern Syria.

Earlier, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said US forces had struck two sites of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and pro-Iranian groups in eastern Syria in response to shelling of its military in the Middle East.

The Pentagon has 24 military bases and four locations inside Syria. They are regularly attacked with drones and missiles. The US blames the attacks on groups linked to Iran and attributes their intensification to the conflict in the Gaza Strip. Tehran denies these accusations.

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