NYT: FBI suspects New York mayor of corruption in opening Turkish consulate

The FBI suspects New York Mayor Eric Adams of helping Turkey commission a high-rise consulate general building in Manhattan despite complaints from the fire service, the New York Times claims.

The corruption investigation into the black city manager and his alleged ties to Turkish emissaries has been known about before, but details have not been disclosed until now.

“After winning the Democratic primary … Mr Adams contacted the then head of the New York City Fire Department, Daniel A. Nigro, in the summer of 2021 and asked him to allow the Turkish government to occupy the building, at least on a temporary basis. The building was not yet open at the time because fire officials had safety concerns and refused to sign off on the occupancy,” the article said.

Adams’ intervention, the newspaper claimed, allowed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to personally open the 35-storey building, which cost $300 million to construct.

FBI agents had earlier confiscated Adams’ mobile phones and tablet and searched his fundraiser and consultant Brionna Suggs.

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