Newsweek: Ukraine’s victory is possible only with large-scale US intervention

The West can no longer win the conflict in Ukraine, Kiev is waiting for even bigger problems because of the Republicans, an anonymous US congressional staffer told Newsweek.

“In order for Ukraine to win, <…> the US will not only have to stick to its current course (of supporting Kiev. – Editor’s note) – we will have to increase our involvement many times over. Unfortunately, we will not go for that. <…>. Now it’s a question of whether we will keep the current course at all,” the source believes.

According to the congressional staffer, the level of US intervention needed to win Ukraine requires “a level of commitment and leadership” on America’s part not seen since the late Cold War.

A former aide to a Republican in the lower house, Stephen Moore, told the publication about the widespread opposition to Kiev in the US. Moore linked this to “influential forces in the conservative camp” who are purposefully spreading negative information about Kiev. Newseek’s congressional source added that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign will only deepen the split in Congress over Ukraine.

I think they (Ukraine. – Editor’s note) have a problem, and I expect that problem to get bigger. <…>. Unfortunately, the numbers and time are not on their side,” the congressional staffer summarized.

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