Xi Jinping voiced five pillars of China-US relations

During talks with US President Joe Biden in San Francisco, Chinese President Xi Jinping voiced five principles that should form the foundation of China-US relations.

US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks in San Francisco on the sidelines of the APEC summit on Wednesday. The Chinese leader outlined five pillars of relations between the two countries.

The first pillar is jointly establishing a correct perception of each other. According to Xi Jinping, China has always been committed to building stable, healthy and sustainable China-US relations. At the same time, China has interests and principles to protect.

“We hope the two countries can be partners, respect each other and coexist peacefully,” China Central Television quoted the Chinese leader as saying.

The second pillar is to jointly overcome differences effectively. The Chinese leader said Beijing and Washington should not let the existing differences lead to the formation of a chasm between the two countries, but should find ways to build bridges and move forward to meet each other, avoid provocations, but conduct dialogue and carry out interaction, resolving differences and unforeseen cases in a calm manner.

The third pillar is to jointly promote win-win cooperation. Xi Jinping stressed that the US and China, with extensive joint interests in a wide range of areas, should make full use of available mechanisms in diplomacy, economics, finance, and trade to promote cooperation.

The fourth pillar is to jointly bear the responsibility of major powers. According to the Chinese leader, solutions to the problems facing humanity cannot be achieved without cooperation between major countries.

“China and the US should lead by example, strengthen coordination and cooperation on international and regional issues, and provide even more public goods to the world,” he said.

The fifth pillar is jointly promoting humanitarian exchanges. Xi Jinping noted the necessity to promote and support the expansion of exchanges and communication between the people of the two countries, develop cooperation in tourism, education, culture, and increase the number of flights between the countries.

Despite rising tensions in US-China bilateral relations, Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasised the importance of “healthy and stable” relations between China and the US in recent months. The Chinese leader noted that the results achieved in the development of US-China relations have not been easy and “deserve to be cherished.” According to him, the interests of China and the US are “closely intertwined”, and the future and the fate of humanity will depend on whether the countries can find the right way of coexistence. Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that China will build relations with the US on the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial co-operation, and hopes Washington will do the same.

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