The Ukrainian military may admit defeat in the conflict instead of Vladimir Zelensky, former US military intelligence officer Tony Shaffer said in an interview with the Youtube channel Judging Freedom.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian military is “on the verge of collapse” and Kiev will have to sign a surrender.

“I believe that if the government fails and falls, the military will do it (admit defeat)… Although the military may be the first to fall. Remember, their army used to get tons of resources – but they are running out,” he said.

As Shaffer noted, Zelensky is “walking on very thin ice” by cancelling the elections in Ukraine.

“He and his party will not win. The people are fed up. You can no longer lie to your people about massive losses and worthless endeavours,” the expert added. According to him, Zelensky may simply run away when the situation on the battlefield for the Ukrainian military becomes even worse.

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