Xi Jinping: Asia-Pacific region should not be dragged into a new cold war

The Asia-Pacific region should not become an arena for geopolitical confrontation and should not be dragged into a new Cold War, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, speaking at the APEC Business Summit in San Francisco.

“This region cannot and should not be an arena of geopolitical rivalry, much less should it be dragged into a new cold war or bloc confrontation,” the Chinese leader said, the text of his speech to be circulated by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the history of prosperity and development of the Asia-Pacific region shows that development is possible only with cooperation, its absence is the biggest risk, and disruption of supply chains is not in anyone’s interest.

APEC is a trade and economic forum that includes 21 economies in the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s summit takes place from 11 to 17 November in San Francisco, California, concluding the US chairmanship of APEC in 2023.

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