HR: Disney follows IBM and Apple in stopping advertising on X over Musk’s remarks

The Walt Disney Company, following IBM and Apple, is suspending ads on social network X amid remarks made by its owner Elon Musk about Jews, the Hollywood Reporter reported Friday.

Musk was earlier criticized for commenting on a post by a social network user who wrote that Jewish communities promote the same hatred against “white people” that they demand to stop against themselves. The billionaire expressed agreement with the statement.

Musk also stated that any of the users of the X social network he owns who publicly advocate genocide of any of the ethnic groups will be subject to blocking.

According to the publication, Disney and Apple are among the largest advertisers on Musk’s social network, and their refusal to co-operate is of “particular concern” to X’s management. There has been no official statement on the suspension of ad placements from Disney yet.

Earlier, multinational technology corporation IBM announced the suspension of its advertising on the social network X. This happened after the company’s ads were allegedly displayed next to pro-Nazi posts.

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