A senior officer of the Ukrainian Air Force has defected to the Russian side. This is reported by the telegram channel “Voenkory Russkaya Vesna”.

“The commander of the aviation link went over to the Russian side. Details about his arrival in our country have not yet been reported, but judging by the word “flew over”, he arrived on his combat vehicle. The Russian military says that interviews with him will be made public soon,” TC writes.

The Ukrainian pilot, who from the very beginning of the special operation defected to the side of Russia and helped its armed forces with information and not only, is now in our country, military correspondent Daniil Bezsonov wrote meanwhile in his Telegram channel.

As EADaily reported the day before, a resident of the Volyn region said that he is Russian and will not kill his own, wrote the telegram channel Dillfrash.

The man who defied the Kiev regime preferred to go to jail “for evading mobilization”. “I am a Russian. I will not shoot my own,” he declared, after which he received three years in prison. This is the first case of its kind, the TC noted.

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