FT: X CEO Iaccarino is under pressure from advertisers advising her to leave the post

Social network X CEO Linda Iaccarino is facing pressure from advertisers and industry friends advising her to leave her post to save her reputation in the wake of a scandal involving remarks by the service’s owner, entrepreneur Elon Musk, the Financial Times reports, citing sources.

Earlier, Musk was criticized for commenting on a post by a social media user who wrote that Jewish communities promote the same hatred against “white people” that they demand to stop against themselves. The billionaire wrote that he believes the statement is true.

“According to three people familiar with the situation, over the weekend, a slew of Iaccarino’s executives and friends in the advertising industry privately called on her to resign to save her reputation,” the publication wrote.

However, according to two sources, she refused to leave her position because she “believes in the mission of X and its employees.” X declined to comment.

The Hollywood Reporter reported last week that film companies Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Paramount, and Lionsgate are suspending ads on X’s social network after Musk’s “anti-Semitic” remarks about Jews. Walt Disney made a similar decision, as did multinational technology companies IBM and Apple.

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