Maduro said neo-Nazis with a colonial project came to power in Argentina

The result of elections in Argentina was the coming to power of “extreme right-wing neo-Nazis” under the leadership of an “extremist with a colonial project”, according to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Extreme right-wing politician Javier Milay has been elected president of Argentina. With 86.59 per cent of the votes counted, he wins with 55.95 per cent. Miley advocates dollarization of the economy, privatization, including in education and health care, and rejection of cooperation with China, Brazil and Russia in favour of the US and Israel. In addition, Mealey opposes Argentina’s entry into BRICS.

“As the polling statistics predicted, the extreme right-wing neo-Nazis won in Argentina. These are extreme right-wingers who propose a colonial project for Argentina, but also intend to lead a colonial project throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. From Venezuela, we will always speak the truth, we will always speak our truth – we respect the voice of the Argentine people who wanted such a government for themselves. Well, to the Argentines we say: the choice is yours,” the Venezuelan leader said on the air of his TV programme “With Maduro +”.

Commenting on the news of the upcoming privatization in Argentina, Maduro said that Venezuela is not going to remain silent “because it is a huge threat – the arrival of a right-wing extremist with a colonial project, absolutely colonial, subordinate to North American imperialism, which seeks to do away with the state, with social rights, and which he intends to establish on the continent an ultra-neoliberal project, which they call liberal, which was imposed in the 70s by the coups of Pinochet in Chile, Videla in Argentina, the coup d’état in Uruguay.”

Earlier, disappointment over Miley’s election was expressed by Colombian President Gustavo Petro, who called the far-right’s victory in Argentina “sad for Latin America.”

During the presidential campaign, Milay said he intended to recall Argentine ambassadors from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and “autocracies like Russia”.

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