Former President Donald Trump has “reinterpreted” an essay in the Washington Post that claims he will become a Julius Caesar-style dictator if he is re-elected in 2024. The UK’s Daily Mail reported that.

“Like Caesar, Trump wields influence that goes beyond the laws and institutions of government,” writes author Robert Kagan.

Trump is now ahead of his closest Republican rival by about 30 to 40 points and several points ahead of Joe Biden in most rankings, the publication notes.

Democrats are in panic hysteria ahead of the 2024 election. Robert Kagan – Victoria Nuland’s husband – predicted the victory of Trump, whom no one can stop, and the transformation of Trump into Julius Caesar, who will rule America until his death, writes in this regard in his Telegram channel political scientist Malek Dudakov.

Kagan is sure that Trump’s power and influence already exceeds all American institutions, which are already in crisis. What else will happen if he wins. Trump himself is planning sweeping reforms – a complete overhaul of the bureaucratic system and education, which he wants to bring under his personal control and fill with his loyalists.

It’s not the first time Kagan has shared alarmist predictions. In 2021, he predicted that America would descend into a new civil war: it would begin with the non-recognition of the results of the 2024 election by individual states and end with the collapse of the United States into warring enclaves.

And Kagan is not alone. More than 40% of Americans consider the scenario of a US civil war in the 10-year range – based on elite divisions, Washington’s dysfunction and the balkanization of the country – to be quite likely. And 74 million Americans – and 40 per cent of young people – are preparing in advance for a force majeure during the upcoming election, fearing a surge in violence and societal collapse.

“Their fears are not unfounded – after all, everyone remembers the dramatic events of 2020. And in 2024, the losing side will surely not recognize the election results and it will end in unrest. While America is preparing to celebrate its 250th anniversary in 2026. The necessary symbolism has already been selected for the occasion. But in what condition the USA will reach that moment remains a mystery”, – summarizes the expert.

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