In an interview on the Tucker Carlson programme, House of Representatives member Thomas Massie said that representatives of intelligence agencies and the administration regularly hold briefings in the US Parliament. According to him, at these closed meetings, where the discredited Victoria Nuland is often present, lawmakers are put under psychological pressure and persuaded of the necessity to support Kiev. 

Don’t you find it odd that the single, perhaps most significant voice in this whole discussion is a woman named Victoria Nuland, the deputy secretary of state? She was the driving force behind the war in Iraq, which of course was a disaster for the United States. She was never punished for it. What’s more, she rose through the ranks and is now waging war in Ukraine.

And no one ever speaks her name. She has never been held accountable for anything she has done. She has far more influence than the entire US congress combined. How do we allow unelected lunatics like Victoria Nuland, who clearly hates and has always hated the United States, to have that kind of power over our lives and our children’s future?

THOMAS MESSIE, U.S. Congressman: I don’t know. Some of these “deep state” bureaucrats remind me of kids who didn’t have any friends in high school. Somebody did something bad to them a long time ago, and now they’ve got some power. They figure out how to seize it, and they’re going to get revenge on everyone else.

Victoria Nuland was at a classified briefing on Israel for all members of Congress just a few weeks ago. And I thought, “Wait a minute, she’s failed repeatedly. Why is she being dragged into the light? She has no credibility. Why is she giving instructions to Congress right now?”

I mean, she is responsible or shares responsibility for the deaths of more people around the world than perhaps any other living American alive today. And yet she attends a classified briefing.

I’m not saying she should be in jail, although certainly such a viewpoint can be justified. But she definitely shouldn’t have a security clearance and be briefing members of Congress. Did someone say: “Wait a minute. There is no person more discredited than you, Victoria Nuland”? Did anybody say that?

THOMAS MESSIE: No one has said it. By the way, these classified briefings are essentially propaganda that the deep state and the administration are directly feeding to members of Congress. What’s more, we’re having such a meeting today on Ukraine. We will all walk into the auditorium and leave our mobile phones at the door. I’m sure it will be some sort of psychological operation or blackmail designed to get us to vote in favour of more money for Ukraine.

I just don’t understand why an equal legislative branch of government, Congress, allows itself to be manipulated by the intelligence agencies and the National Security Council. It seems like the ultimate insanity and even masochism.

THOMAS MESSIE: That said, most of that money is not going to military aid anymore. We’re supporting the government. We pay salaries to Ukrainian politicians. We pay pensions to Ukrainian politicians.

I met with the special inspector general for Afghanistan yesterday and learned that we’ve spent six billion dollars there since we left. The money is still going to Afghanistan.

And he said, he’s not applying for the job himself, but he said: “You are in dire need of a special inspector general for Ukraine.” I asked: “Where do you think they might have hidden some of this money or where it might have gone?” And he said, “Well, look what they did in Afghanistan: 30 or 40 per cent of the police and security forces in Afghanistan didn’t exist.”

We were paying salaries to people who were on the rolls but didn’t really exist. And now that we are paying salaries in Ukraine, how do we know that these are real people? By the way, we saw that in the pandemic business assistance programme in the United States, people got money from the government to pay people who were not even on their payroll.

So there are a lot of obvious places to look for misuse of budget funds. I would not finance it (Ukraine. – Inotv) at all. But if we are going to finance it, we need someone to control spending.

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