Users of social network X criticized writer Stephen King’s statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin “loves” Republicans for refusing to support Kiev.

“If Stephen King loves Ukraine so much, he should go there. America needs to take care of itself,” Paul A. Szypula opined.

“Ukraine doesn’t deserve a dollar either until our borders are secured and closed,” Agent X wrote.

“Are you by any chance preparing to leave the country?” – JEREMIAH THE GREAT MAGADONIAN quipped.

“Stephen King must be one of the many who profit from sponsoring Ukraine,” suggested bryan.

“Write your own books, leave it to the grown-ups,” commented OddTodd.

Stephen King is a famous writer and author of numerous novels in the horror genre. On his works filmed blockbusters “It”, “Pet Cemetery”, “The Shining”, “Escape from Shawshank” and many others.

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