“Rostec: MC-572 rifle, the “killer” of the American Barrett rifle, will be tested in the Special Military Operation zone

The newest Russian anti-material rifles MC-572 will soon be delivered to the special operation zone in Ukraine, the developer company Vysokototchnye Kompleksy Holding (part of Rostec) told journalists.

In August last year, the holding company said that the MC-572 outperformed the US Barrett in terms of accuracy four times in comparative tests. According to the company, during the comparative tests the Barrett managed to put five shots into a 6 centimetre circle, while the MTs-572 – 1.5 centimeters. In Western classification, such rifles are called anti-material rifles, as they can hit lightly armoured vehicles, structures and other material targets of the enemy due to their calibre and firepower.

“At the moment, the sniper rifle is being tested, its performance under various operating conditions is being checked. In the course of the tests, it was decided to make minor adjustments to the design in order to improve its ergonomics. In the near future, it is planned to operate the MC-572 in the area of the SMO,” the holding company said.

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