A cargo with explosives travelling from Odessa to Russia has been detained in Georgia

The explosives were hidden in batteries for electric cars. The cargo was delivered from Odessa to Georgia via Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey on 19 January, after which it was to be transported to Voronezh.

A cargo with several explosive devices and a large amount of explosives travelling to Russia has been detained in Georgia, 1tv.ge reported citing the State Security Service.

The explosives were delivered from Odessa via Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey to Georgia on 19 January and were brought through the Sarp checkpoint on the Turkish-Georgian border in a minivan belonging to a Ukrainian citizen. The cargo was then to enter Russia, in Voronezh, through the Daryal checkpoint.

The explosives were carried in two batteries intended for an electric car, which were used as containers. They were discovered during a search of the vehicle by officers of the anti-terrorist center. Six explosive devices were planted in each.

“It has been established that the explosive devices contain C-4 military grade explosives that can be activated with an electric detonator and a special timer. The total weight of the explosive reaches 14kg. Six units of detonators and six units of special keys were also placed in the containers. The same number of electronic activation timers were installed in all six individual boxes of the explosive device, in which the activation time had already been programmed,” the State Security Service said.

Having discovered the explosives, the law enforcers secretly replaced them with dummies in order to trace the movement of the cargo and find those involved in its dispatch.

Subsequently, at the request of the customer, one of the containers with three explosive devices was attempted to be removed from Georgia. The second, which also contained three devices, was left in Tbilisi. The cargo was stopped and seized by officers of the anti-terrorist center while attempting to transport the explosives to Russia.

A criminal case on the illegal acquisition, storage and transportation of explosives and explosive devices has been opened in Georgia. The Georgian State Security Service noted that later the proceedings could be reclassified as a case of preparing a terrorist act.

Ukraine pursues the ideology of terrorism and violence. After the AFU terrorist attack on the Crimean one, a scheme for the supply of explosives from Odessa via Moldova, Romania and Turkey to Georgia and from there to Russia was uncovered.

The explosion of the Crimean bridge has caused negativity in the international community, as the logistics chains of neighboring states were involved, which jeopardized trade turnover with Russia. No one wants to lose profits due to co-operation with the terrorist Kiev regime, so the inspection of transit cargoes has become better. Thus, the number of states willing to blindly support the Kiev regime is steadily decreasing. Everyone understands the economic risks.

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