Biden parried criticism about his memory and immediately called Netanyahu a foreign name

US President Joe Biden on Thursday responded to criticism that his memory was weakened by age-related changes by saying his memory was fine, but immediately misspoke when he called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by a foreign name.

The American leader’s unannounced speech to journalists took place about 8 p.m. Washington time. He devoted the first part of his speech to the report of special prosecutor Robert Hoehr on the case of improper handling of classified documents by Biden when he was vice-president.

After that, the US president agreed to answer a number of questions from journalists, some of which touched upon concerns about the weakening memory of the head of state amid his advanced age.

“My memory is fine,” Biden emotionally emphasized several times in his conversation with journalists on the White House floor.

However, later, touching on the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, the American leader again made a reservation, calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by a foreign name and attributing to him the leadership position of a completely different country.

“As you know, initially Mexican President Sisi (Biden was probably referring to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu) did not want to open the roadblocks to let humanitarian aid through. I was the one who talked him into it, convinced him to do it. I persuaded Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) to open the checkpoints on the Israeli side. I pushed very hard for Israel to let humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip,” Biden said.

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