The US authorities made a mistake by persuading Vladimir Zelensky to refuse to negotiate with Russia and should now think how to get out of this situation in a dignified way, Vladimir Putin has said.

“If Zelensky’s administration in Ukraine refused to negotiate, I assume that they did it on instructions from Washington. Let them now, if they see in Washington that this is the wrong decision, let them abandon it, find some excuse subtle, not offensive to anyone, find this solution,” he said in an interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson.

According to him, if the U.S. made the wrong decision, Russia should not correct their mistakes.

Carlson asked whether Putin thought it would be humiliating for NATO to recognize Russia’s control over what was Ukrainian territory two years ago.

“And I said: let them think how to do it honourably. There are options, but if the desire is there,” Putin replied.

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