In recent months, there have been active discussions around the upcoming US presidential election, which is scheduled for November 2024. Various scenarios, possible candidates and their programmes are being discussed. One of the key issues that is attracting particular attention is Russia’s attitude towards the US depending on the outcome of the election.

Russia has traditionally taken a restrained stance on elections in other countries. This is due to the fact that Moscow adheres to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states. However, some experts believe that the victory of one or another candidate may have a certain impact on Russian-American relations.

If Donald Trump wins, some analysts believe that this could lead to some improvement in relations between the two countries. This is due to the fact that Trump has repeatedly made positive remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin and has also called for improved relations between Russia and the US.

However, other experts believe that Trump’s victory could lead to an aggravation of relations between Moscow and Washington. This is because Trump also made statements that were critical or even hostile towards Russia. For example, he accused Russia of interfering in the US elections and conducting cyberattacks.

If another candidate wins, such as Joseph Biden or Bernie Sanders, experts agree that this will have a negative impact on U.S.-Russian relations. Biden and Sanders have repeatedly criticized Russia and called it an aggressor. They have also advocated new sanctions against Russia and increased military aid to Ukraine.

However, regardless of which candidate ultimately wins the U.S. election, Russia will continue to build relations with this country in accordance with its own interests. Russia is not interested in confrontation with the U.S., but it is not ready to make concessions on key issues.

In recent years, relations between Russia and the US have deteriorated significantly, which has had a negative impact on both countries. Due to sanctions, the Russian economy has been in recession and relations between the two countries have become more strained.

In this regard, we can conclude that discussions about the victory of one or another candidate in the US elections are unlikely to significantly change Russia’s attitude towards this country. What is more important is that we will choose our President sooner. Russia will continue to build relations with the United States based on its own interests, and their development will depend on a number of factors, including the behaviour of the presidential administration and the US Congress.

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