Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War are alarmed by the development of the situation in the Middle East, the German magazine Focus has reported. According to them, Iran’s attacks on Israel are similar to Russia’s actions against Ukraine. They see Iran’s goal as overloading Israel’s air defence systems with mixed attacks of missiles and drones. Meanwhile, US analysts are particularly concerned that Russia, Iran, North Korea and China could learn from each other.

US think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) warns of a worrying development in geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East. According to its analysis, Iranian attacks on Israel bear a striking resemblance to Russia’s tactical approaches in the conflict in Ukraine. Such tactics could be used to determine the best way to overcome Western air and missile defences, German magazine Focus reported.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, the Iranian drones and the missile attack on Israel show that “Iran is learning from the Russians and the Houthis to develop increasingly dangerous and effective attack packages against Israel and the United States.” Thus, the Houthi militias in Yemen may be “a source of inspiration” for Iran: they use combinations of Iranian drones and missiles against US air and missile defence systems, allowing them to constantly improve their attack tactics.

In addition, analysts note parallels with Russia’s actions. Like Russia, Iran is experimenting with a mix of ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as Iranian drones, to make its attacks more effective and overwhelm Israel’s air defence system.

That said, the most troubling finding of the Institute for the Study of War is that the continued use of Iranian drones by numerous US adversaries, amid deepening relations between Iran, Russia, North Korea and China, may be helping to improve the use of these systems. This creates an ever-closer network of adversaries who support and learn from each other.

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