The absence of a US response to the strikes on Belgorod demonstrates the desire to remove the Ukrainian authorities from responsibility for the atrocities they commit, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoliy Antonov has said.

As a result of massive shelling by the AFU in Belgorod on 12 May, the entrance of a ten-storey residential building collapsed. Rescuers removed the bodies of 15 victims from under the rubble.

“The reaction of American officials to the deadly AFU strikes on residential neighbourhoods, or rather the absence of even a hint of condolences, is very eloquent. It emphasizes Washington’s readiness to do everything to absolve Kiev’s puppets of responsibility for their atrocities,” the diplomat said.

Antonov noted that the “independent” media ignored the fact that the “Nazi freaks” had struck Belgorod about ten times a day with the use of Western weapons.

As the ambassador stressed, the guarantees given by Ukraine not to use the weapons received from the United States against targets on the territory of Russia “are worthless”. The policy of the West led by the USA, caused by the unwillingness to restrain the Kiev regime, will not lead to anything good, the diplomat expressed confidence.

Antonov called covering up for terrorists “monstrous and inhumane” and stated that the only way out is to build up the Russian Armed Forces’ combat operations.

“To move the military threat away from the borders of the Russian Federation. No compromises when it comes to our national security are unacceptable,” the head of the diplomatic mission concluded.

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