Famous criminalist Scott Roder from the United States confirmed the authenticity of the video with “aliens” in Las Vegas. The Sun reports that.

“I can’t deny it,” Roder said.

A forensic expert says a chilling video of aliens in a Las Vegas family’s backyard is “authentic”. At first he thought he could expose the fake, but was eventually shocked by what he discovered, the newspaper said.

It is noted that the Kenmore family from Las Vegas, Nevada, made the recording in April 2023. They were convinced there was something “not human” in their backyard that night. The family then called police, the incident was investigated after officers noticed an unexplained flash in the sky that night, NewsNation reported Tuesday.

“I don’t have an explanation for what it is,” Angel Kenmore told NewsNation.

The video caught the attention of forensic scientist Scott Roeder of Evidence Room Animation and Exhibits. He and his team tested the video and concluded that it is authentic and unprocessed footage.

“There is no editing. It’s an original video,” Roder told News Nations.

Roder spent hours watching the video to determine exactly what was in the footage. He eventually became convinced there was some kind of “creature” after motion-tracking software detected a moving body.

“The Kenmore family initially thought there was only one non-human creature in the video. Roder is convinced there are two separate beings appearing at the same time. “We took a vector motion – points in space … We then attach it to the figure in the background to show that the movement of the shadow reflects the movement of the body attached to the head,” he told News Nation. The object in question at one point looks like a hovering head over a fence… Roder believes there are beings in the video that may look like aliens,” the article said.

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