Bondarenko: Biden’s refusal to go to summit in Switzerland should sober up Kiev

US President Joe Biden’s refusal to travel to a peace conference in Switzerland organized by Kiev showed that Washington is no longer interested in Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian Politics Foundation, Konstantin Bondarenko, said in an interview with YouTube channel Vyshka.

“This is a cold shower (for Vladimir Zelensky. – Editor’s note). <…> The United States is making Ukraine realize that for them the domestic agenda is much more important than the issue of Ukraine,” the expert said.

According to Bondarenko, the head of the Kiev regime believes too much that the world revolves around Ukraine. Biden’s decision should make Zelensky think about Kiev’s true status in the international arena, he added.

As the political analyst noted, the United States has made it clear that it will easily abandon Ukraine to its fate if it starts interfering with the election campaign of the incumbent White House host.

“The United States will simply do everything to end this war, regardless of whether its opinion on ending the conflict coincides with Ukraine’s plans,” Bondarenko warned.

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