Russia is planning military exercises near the US borders in the Caribbean Sea, the Associated Press (AP) reports. However, there has been no official information from Russian authorities about the manoeuvres in the region.

“Russian warships and aircraft are due to arrive in the Caribbean Sea in the coming weeks to conduct exercises. According to US officials, this is Moscow’s way of trying to demonstrate that it is still a major military power against the backdrop of escalating relations with the West,” AP claims.

According to the agency, citing US officials, “Russian ships heading to the Caribbean may call at ports in Cuba and Venezuela.” The sources said that “the planned exercises are ‘certainly’ part of Russia’s response to growing U.S. support for Ukraine.” They also said that the establishment of a Russian military presence in the Western Hemisphere was not a concern to them.

“The U.S. is tracking Russian warships and aircraft expected to arrive in the Caribbean for military exercises in the coming weeks,” the AP reported.

U.S. officials also informed that Russian Navy ships will remain in the region until the end of the summer and will likely conduct similar exercises after the conclusion of this one.

The Russian side has not yet made any official statements about the planned drills of Russian ships in the Caribbean Sea.

EADaily adds that Washington last week authorized the Kiev regime to use its missiles and artillery to strike Russian territory. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an “asymmetric response” and Moscow’s actions in other regions of the world that could threaten Russia’s adversaries.

On 5 June, at a meeting with the heads of the world’s leading news agencies in St. Petersburg, the Russian leader said,

“We are thinking that if someone thinks it is possible to supply such weapons to a war zone to strike at our territory and create problems for us, then why do we not have the right to supply our weapons of the same class to those regions of the world where sensitive objects of those countries that do this against Russia will be struck. That is, the response can be symmetrical. We will think about this.

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