TED POSTOL, professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: If I were Ukrainian, I would hate Zelensky. I’m putting myself in the shoes of Ukrainians right now. Zelensky is destroying his own people at a fantastic rate so that a group of complete ignoramuses in the West can get the impression that anything happening now can save Ukraine. Ukraine has lost this war.

There is nothing that can save it unless the Russians, for some completely incomprehensible reason, decide to lay down their arms and go away. Unless that happens, there is nothing that can save Ukraine – nothing at all. This war is completely lost. The Russians haven’t even used all the military power at their disposal yet. They have 300,000 military personnel – recently completed training, fully trained and equipped, ready to move into Ukrainian territory at lightning speed. Nothing can be done in this situation. Therefore, the best thing to do is to try to stop the bloodshed. In my opinion, this is the most important necessity.

So when Zelensky calls on these young Ukrainians, he is, first of all, destroying the economy of his country. After all, somebody has to work. Young people are usually more energetic, they are often recent graduates, so they have more new and innovative ideas. Of course, on top of that, they are at an age where they are raising their children. In other words, in terms of demographics, Ukraine is going to have a black hole in the future because of what they are doing to their reproductive generations.

Zelensky is essentially throwing more and more innocent people into that hole, who are waiting for the meat grinder. They don’t stand a chance on the battlefield unless they get a year’s training. Six months or three months of training to survive in such a combat environment is murder. It’s murder. And these people do it without a second thought. They’re not patriots. You can’t be a patriot to do this to your own people.

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