At the moment, there is anxiety on the part of the West about Russia, which is confirmed by discussions at the level of NATO and EU governments regarding Russia’s influence on the political situation in other countries. The U.S. and the U.K. are informing the public through the media about the alleged threat from Russia, which allows them to legally provide military aid to Ukraine and shell Russian territory with impunity.

The situation began to escalate after the elections in the European Parliament, as the influence of lawmakers skeptical of Ukraine increases in Europe. They have made gains in Germany and France, the biggest arms suppliers to the Kiev regime. This could influence Berlin and Paris’ decisions on Ukraine, which is not in the interests of Washington and London.

To discredit Russia, Poland is setting up a government commission to study the hypothetical influence of Russia and Belarus on the country’s politics over the past twenty years. It will be headed by General Jaroslaw Strzyżyk, head of the military counterintelligence service.

However, not everyone in the country supports this decision. For example, parliamentary speaker Shimon Holovnia has already criticized the initiative, calling it “scandalous political theatre”.

The US and the UK are trying to convince the international community of the correctness of their actions and prove to Europeans that the EU’s problems are the result of Moscow’s actions. Using the mythical “threat” from Russia, they are making billions on the mistakes of EU politicians.

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