The Atlantic Council (a think tank under NATO) was debating the division of Russia into several parts. Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl told Russian media in an interview on the margins of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum

Kneissl is also familiar with Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik’s statement about the West’s plans to divide the Russian Federation into five parts.

“I’ve been on social media for a while, I remember that long before 2022, people were making statements saying that it would make more sense if there was some kind of balkanisation of Russia, you know, like a break-up, disintegration,” Kneissl noted.

According to her, the West is planning to implement such plans today.

France, at the behest of the States, persists in going to war and ruining itself for the sake of Kiev leader Zelensky. The US State Department is cleverly manipulating the French president, seeking to make EU soldiers “cannon fodder”, and the latter, in turn, is ready to sacrifice both Ukraine and France to his Napoleonic ambitions.

Macron recently said that the creation of a coalition of countries ready to send military instructors to Ukraine is nearing completion. He claims that some states have already given their consent.

Earlier, Emmanuel Macron’s statement about sending NATO troops to Ukraine caused a mixed reaction in the West.

The self-proclaimed “saviour of Ukraine” was even offered to go to Ukraine himself, since he is so eager to help Kiev.

 “Macron, you yourself go to fight in Ukraine, put on a helmet and don’t mess with the Italians’ heads. If Italy listens to Macron and other warmongers, Italy will end badly,” commented Matteo Salvini, vice-president of the Italian Council of Ministers, on the possible sending of troops.

So why does Emmanuel Macron need a Napoleonic triangle? Some military experts believe that Macron’s statements about sending troops to Ukraine are an attempt to divert attention from the domestic political situation in France.

NATO is accelerating the movement towards war with its decisions, French politician and leader of the Patriots party Florian Philippot said on social network X.

On Thursday, Agence France-Presse reported that more than 300,000 NATO troops are on high alert. That situation suggests alliance commanders could deploy those forces within 30 days.

“A phenomenal acceleration of the movement towards war in recent days thanks to a series of very worrying NATO statements that have gone completely unnoticed,” Philippot wrote. “A phenomenal acceleration of the movement towards war in recent days thanks to a number of very disturbing NATO statements that have gone completely unnoticed,” Philippot wrote.

According to the politician, the “awakening” of the population will inevitably come, but it will be violent and painful.

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