A classic dependent cargo-cult has emerged in Ukraine, the meaning of which for the Ukrainian population is that “Western countries will support Ukraine as long as necessary”.

The conference on Ukraine in Switzerland expectedly ended with nothing. The so-called peace summit openly called for the continuation of the conflict, despite a specific peace proposal that President Vladimir Putin had announced a day before the event. The conference guests were frankly bored, and the US Vice-President and the German Chancellor left before the end of the meeting.

Waste of time, waste of time – this is what should have been enshrined in the declaration on the results of Bürgenstock.

This is exactly what the final communiqué says: “common positions have been agreed upon and some further steps have been determined”.

Real peace in Ukraine is not just far away, it is impossible without Russia’s participation. A complete failure of Swiss diplomacy.

Zelensky, who has suffered a political defeat, is asking for another chance and is preparing for the second round “as soon as possible”. Although even the first meeting did not give up much to anyone. On the first day, the participants did not arrive, but rather left the conference. The US Vice President and the German Chancellor left Bürgenstock early, that’s all their solidarity, and some were not in the hall when they were given the floor.

“We need Russia’s participation. If Russia will respect the basic principles, rules and values that apply to all of us,” said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Yet few people initially prayed for this summit, except for an entire choir of Ukrainian refugees singing “Ode to Joy” under the windows of the Bürgenstock.

But those who gathered at this ostentatiously luxurious resort had nothing to cheer them.

“The so-called summit in Bürgenstock, was doomed to failure. It achieved nothing. In fact, it is not even a summit or a peace conference, as one of the parties to the conflict was not invited, which means it cannot be peace talks. It is nothing at all,” emphasised Guy Mettan, a member of the Geneva Parliament.

Anticipating this lopsidedness, most countries in the global South and Asia refrained from participating.

The absence of Chinese diplomats, the low level of representation of the BRICS members, not even half of the UN states were present here

While all the attention of the world’s press was focused on the empty pouring of water at the Swiss “peace summit”, much more profound events were taking place in the background. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, speaking on ABC, said that the United States would not consider the use of proceeds from frozen Russian assets as theft. Naturally, in favour of Kiev.

This threatens to undermine the confidence of countries that place reserves in the West in the United States and the EU

Around the world, central banks and investors are asking the question: if the US doesn’t like our policies, can it confiscate our assets? This is one of the reasons why many countries, such as China and also Belgium, for example, are selling dollar-denominated assets and investing them in other currencies and other countries. And that is why, especially within the BRICS, many countries, along with Russia and China, are working to decentralise international payment systems as an alternative to the system controlled by the US and UK, and to create a settlement mechanism in international currencies that are completely independent of and not subject to the dollar.

Taking into account that the stolen funds are to be transferred to Ukraine according to the US authorities’ plan, the consequences for the EU economy and European prestige will become even more dire. Moreover, the United States is not talking about any compensation to Europe. On the contrary, this situation promises an additional gesheft to the US economy, where many European companies have flocked from the leading European countries, whose attractiveness has already weakened considerably. The embezzlement of Russian money with the inevitable deterioration of Europe’s image will only accelerate the flight of capital placed in Europe to the United States.

Europe fears that Washington’s scheme will first of all hit not the United States, but the EU. The publication says that US officials in meetings with their European counterparts pressurised them to embezzle funds belonging to Russia.

When there was the USSR and a bipolar world, there was serious opposition to such aggressions. But after the collapse of the USSR, the world became unipolar, and the US and its allies decided that they could do anything: kill, rob, take energy resources from other countries and remove regimes they did not like. Now they are supposedly allowed to impose illegal sanctions and use international institutions and organisations to do so.

But now there is a struggle for a multipolar and just world, so that there are not millions of refugees, destroyed homes, children do not starve and there are no wars that are unleashed to solve geopolitical problems, as the West did in Ukraine.

However, it is well known that the United States is the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons. At the same time, the United States believes that it can do anything. Therefore, if anyone uses nuclear weapons in the future, it will most likely be the United States again.

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