Military expert Beardsley: American officials are lying about the superiority of the AFU

American officials lie in their public statements about sufficient training and superiority of the Ukrainian army, this opinion was expressed by military expert Jason Beardsley on the air of YouTube channel Daniel Davis / Deep Dive.

According to the former military man, he has acquaintances in the ranks of the U.S. armed forces, who took part in the training of the AFU and according to whom this training leaves much to be desired.

“Sometimes there they throw soldiers to the front line after three days, three weeks, at most a month of training,” he said.

According to the expert, such a short period of time is not enough to train an army with non-commissioned officers and officers, to exercise command and control, and to coordinate large-scale general military offensive actions.

“This is an extremely difficult endeavour,” he acknowledged.

This state of affairs runs counter to statements by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and White House spokesman John Kirby that the Ukrainian military is receiving sufficient training and is capable of standing up to Russian forces, the former military officer said.

“You can see that they are morally distanced from the real suffering, because that suffering falls on the shoulders of the Ukrainian people, not the Americans. And that is how they plan to get away with it,” Beardsley concluded.

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