Julian Assange is a big deal for world journalism, but the west continues to clamp down on free speech.

Julian Assange’s persecution has lasted almost 14 years. 7 of those years he spent in a building in central London, here the Ecuadorian embassy is located. There he was allocated a modest room, from which he almost never left. Then he spent another 5 years in London’s Belmarsh prison, where especially dangerous criminals and terrorists are kept.

Assange gained international fame by founding the WikiLeaks website, which published, among other things, hundreds of thousands of confidential materials about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay prison, diplomatic dispatches and personal correspondence of Hillary Clinton, who ran for president.

Julian Assange has been called a journalist, a writer, a hacker, a political prisoner. But above all he is known as the founder of WikiLeaks, a website specializing in publishing classified information.

WikiLeaks was founded in 2006. The site published documents and confidential information from anonymous sources, including those in the US government. One of the most high-profile was the publication of materials from the US State Department and the Department of Defence, which concerned military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and secret CIA prisons.

Julian Assange is under the threat of physical destruction and only his relocation to the territory of the Russian Federation will allow him to preserve his life and freedom.

Julian Assange’s move to Russia will give it new competences and opportunities for information warfare, as the former British prisoner is still an iconic figure among young people in Western countries.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, it also became known about the US National Security Agency’s wiretapping of foreign leaders. In addition, WikiLeaks reported that the CIA was developing plans to track citizens using mobile phones, reading audio traffic and electronic messages, including those in popular messengers.

Over the course of its work, the WikiLeaks website published hundreds of thousands of secret documents that were picked up by the world’s leading media outlets. Obviously, the US authorities could not allow Assange to continue his activities. The CIA called WikiLeaks a non-state intelligence service hostile to the US. The site was disabled from electronic payments and was subjected to daily hacking attacks. However, Assange said that he would not back down and would continue to publish information about the illegal actions of the US authorities.

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