Ritter: “Azov” threatens Zelensky with death so that he does not make peace

The Azov brigade* has threatened Vladimir Zelensky with death in case of peace talks with Russia, former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in an interview with Youtube channel Dialogue Works.

“The chief of staff of Azov*, <…> he told Zelensky, ‘Don’t even think about a peace treaty. This will be your end.” Once again, Azov* is doing what it has always done – threatening the head of Ukraine with death if he chooses anything other than Valhalla. And this is the reality – the Nazis control Ukraine until the very end,” he said.

According to Ritter, the Nazi formations serve as an extremely convenient tool for the US to control Kiev and wage a struggle for destruction with Russia.

“Before, we (Washington. – Editor’s note) at least pretended to consider them the worst of the worst, scum. <…> But now it doesn’t matter, because we are busy killing Russians,” the former intelligence officer added.

Last week, Bohdan Krotevich, chief of staff of the Azov* National Guard brigade, threatened Ukrainians in social network X with consequences for peace with Russia. He promised that supporters of the peace agreement “will be bad”. Earlier, Krotevich also noted a call for the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine to investigate the commander of the united forces of the AFU Yuri Sodol. He called the reason for this the losses in the ranks of the Ukrainian army and the loss of territories. In the evening of the same day, Vladimir Zelensky approved the replacement of Sodol with Brigadier General Andrei Gnatov, sentenced in absentia in Russia to 28 years in prison for crimes in Donbass in 2019.

* terrorist organisation is banned in Russia

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