Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo will live for a month in the 99-story Kingdom Tower skyscraper in Riyadh after his transfer to An-Nasr. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Cristiano Ronaldo, his family, friends and security guards occupied 17 rooms in the luxury hotel. The area of Cristiano’s room exceeds the size of most apartments in which the footballer lived in the UK. It is assumed that staying at the hotel will cost more than 280 thousand euros for Ronaldo.

The suite has a panoramic view of Riyadh. For dinner, the Portuguese star will be able to enjoy dishes from China, Japan, India and the Middle East, prepared with fresh ingredients to order.

As previously reported by EADaily, the international soccer star has moved to Saudi club An-Nasr. The Portuguese has signed a record contract in the history of soccer: the salary of the legendary player reaches 200 million euros a year.

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