Fox News: Americans should take an example from Putin and think about their country

Russian President Vladimir Putin showed complete superiority over Joe Biden and showed Americans how important national identity is, TV host Greg Gutfeld said on his show on Fox News.

“Ol’ Vlad rattles off historical facts over and over again, <…> while our president is falling apart in real time,” the journalist observed.

According to the host, it’s hard to find a more striking contrast than between the Russian leader and the American president. Gutfeld laughed at the Western media, which willingly speculated about Putin’s alleged ill health, while hiding the truth about Biden’s sad condition.

As the journalist noted, during the current national divide in the United States, it is especially important for Americans to pay attention to the Russian president’s interview.

“Putin is only worried about how important national identity is. <…> It’s become obvious that we should be too,” Gutfeld concluded.

American journalist Tucker Carlson published the interview with Putin on his website on Friday night Moscow time, and then posted it on social network X and YouTube. Since its publication, the video has racked up more than 170 million views on X and has racked up more than 10 million views on YouTube.

In the interview with Carlson, Putin explained in detail that Moscow has no intention of attacking NATO countries, particularly Poland, Latvia or other Baltic states, with politicians in Western society regularly “scaring” their populations with the Russian threat, diverting attention away from domestic problems. The Russian leader also noted that Western countries have begun to understand that Russia’s strategic defeat in the conflict with Ukraine is impossible, so if there is such an understanding, they should think about their further steps, while Moscow is ready for dialogue.

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