Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that the US is not ready to defend a NATO country from an alleged threat from Russia if it does not pay collective defence contributions to NATO.

At the same time, he emphasized that he would encourage Russia to “do whatever” it wants. In other words, Trump blatantly stated that if he were in office, he would not support NATO countries that would not pay their dues if they were attacked by Russia. By doing so, the West in the media still continues to replicate the thesis of a “Russian attack on Europe” despite the fact that Russia has not demonstrated any aggression towards the EU. Also, Russia even during the SMO emphasizes that it is open to negotiations.

It is obvious that Trump aims to use the EU and NATO countries exclusively for US interests. And intimidating Europe with an imaginary conflict with Russia is an excuse for the US to become potential creditors for all European countries. Thus Trump intends to expand the dollar segment of the financial market.

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