On Fox News Channel, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee criticized the White House for declaring a “transgender visibility day” on Easter Sunday, as well as banning an Easter egg drawing contest. Huckabee called it “an insult to the Bible and an insult to biology,” calling for necessary help and sympathy for people who go through gender reassignment instead of “agreeing with nonsense and pretending it’s OK.”

The White House faced backlash for declaring this year’s “transgender visibility day” on Easter Sunday.

The day has been observed annually since 2010, but Biden became the first president to proclaim it officially in 2021.

Of course, because it’s a very important proclamation.


Meanwhile, the White House responding to outrage over an Easter egg drawing contest banning children from creating religious-themed drawings. Joining us now is former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. Governor, help us with this. That is, Easter Sunday has been declared “transgender visibility day,” and if you want to participate in the Easter egg hunt, don’t draw a cross on them.

MIKE HUCKABEE, former governor of Arkansas: This is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, it’s weird to say there will be no religious-themed decorations at the White House Easter celebration, but to allow a transgender person to bare their breasts like they did a year ago… That’s fine. There’s no problem. One of your transgender employees can steal luggage off the belt at airports, and can do it repeatedly before being fired.

With all of this, we ended up in La La Land. I don’t understand this at all. It’s tantamount to Joe Biden in Ramadan saying:

“We’ll also declare it ‘a day of eating as much pork and bacon as possible’.” How would that sound? It’s absurd. Joe Biden should be ashamed of himself. And all these people who are saying, “Yeah, but we’ve always celebrated ‘transgender visibility day’ on this day.” So celebrate it on another day, not on Easter.

It’s an insult to the Bible, and frankly an insult to biology. There are only two genders. And people can’t go from one gender to the other like through a revolving door. And it’s time to say that we should help people who are confused, sympathise with them. We should be giving them help, not agreeing with this nonsense and pretending it’s normal. It’s not normal.

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