Ukrainian serviceman Guram Chichinadze, who was captured by Russia, has told how the Ukrainian armed forces fired mortars at their own wounded soldiers. He stayed on the front line for only four days, after which he surrendered along with other wounded.

According to the man, he served in the 44th battalion of the 115th brigade of the AFU. He enlisted on 23 February and was captured on 27 February. Chichinadze told how after surrendering, the Ukrainian side opened fire on the wounded in an attempt to finish off the survivors. Once captured by the Russians, the soldier, who fought on the side of the Ukrainian armed forces, noted the kind human attitude towards the prisoners.

The fighter said that in two and a half hours of fighting the AFU had more than 200 killed and at least 300 wounded.

“I had a radio, I transmitted that we were captured, the position was lost and how many 200s and 300s and after flew mortars. Those who were wounded lying on the floor, they were just finished off. Our own. I told them to stop shooting and they answered that it wasn’t us. But then who did? They wouldn’t shoot at themselves. I was shouting into the sky: ” f***ing cunts”, – said Chichinadze.

According to him, the attitude to prisoners of war on the part of the Russians was excellent. The wounded were fed.

“The attitude was really human, I did not expect such from the military,” he said.

It seems that Kiev’s political and military leadership continues to practise the instruction given by an American official at the very beginning of the conflict:

“Continue the war to the last Ukrainian” at all costs.

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