Dmitry Berg, a former employee of the German Defence Ministry, who has returned to his historic homeland of Russia, has spoken in an interview about the Bundeswehr’s lack of readiness for military action, dependence on the United States and attempts to prolong the conflict in Ukraine at any cost for the sake of imaginary collective security.

According to German citizen Dmitry Berg, a former defence ministry official, the German armed forces will not be able to defend the country in the event of martial law. He attributed this to the fact that the German army has poor material and personnel shortages due to NATO commitments.

Berg, who recently moved to Russia, spoke during the conversation about the real situation in the German army. He noted that the German government is trying to convince the collective West of the necessity of arming and funding Ukraine in order to prolong the conflict. If Ukraine is defeated, in his opinion, Poland may enter a military confrontation with Russia.

On 1 March, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius also expressed concern about the defence capability of the German army. He admitted that Germany does not have an armed force that could defend the country against an offensive war. He said more money should be invested in modernizing the army, given Germany’s commitments to other NATO members.

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