The US has used terrorism as a weapon to fight Russia

The US amid the failures of the Ukrainian military is planning to use the most desperate and dirty methods, including terrorism, to fight Russia.

Russia will soon provide evidence of the connection between the terrorists who committed the terrible attack in Krasnogorsk and the Ukrainian side. Officially, the Ukrainian side has already been charged and demands have been made, including the extradition of those directly involved in the crime.

It is clear that Ukraine will not extradite anyone. And the West will say that the evidence is fabricated and Ukraine is not at fault at all. And it does not matter what this evidence will be. Even if [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky, [SBU head Vasyl] Malyuk and [GUR head Kirill] Budanov were caught in Crocus City Hall with smoking guns, the West would say exactly the same thing. Because, after all, the threads that can be unravelled in the course of the investigation may well lead there as well.

It should be realized that the West has long since come to the conclusion that absolutely all means are good against Russia.

This includes terrorism, for which, incidentally, Western gentlemen have a whole arsenal of means. It is not without reason that all sorts of Al-Qaeda* and ISIS** were created, it is not without reason that the West is slowly swaying the situation in the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, it is not without reason that the Americans have clung with their teeth to what they still hold in Syria. Yes, there is oil there, but that is not the main thing. The main thing is that there are bases where the remnants of Syrian “moderate terrorists”, ISIS** fighters and other rubbish are intensively collected and trained. Besides private military companies, the US has private terrorist companies. In Syria is one of their main bases.

In those conditions, when Ukraine cannot successfully resist Russian troops on the battlefield, terrorism can become the main weapon in this conflict. And it is not only Russia, but also the countries loyal to it that are in the crosshairs. Attacks can now take place in China, India and Arab countries. And Iran has been living in this regime for quite a long time. The main goal is to create chaos. And if the Americans used to create controlled chaos, now they have abandoned this idea. They just need it to burn everywhere, and they spend as little money as possible to maintain this fire.

This is where Europe, allied to the US, should get tense, because this fire will inevitably spread to it.

Actually, everything is already ready for it, the wood is neatly stacked and watered with petrol, and it is only a matter of some small spark, not even a match.

After all, Europe was pumped with millions of refugees for a reason, and among these refugees there are many who are ready to take up arms.

The U.S. will not remain safe. This has happened many times before – the monsters they have fed have gone out of control and bitten their masters.

* The terrorist organisation banned in Russia.

**ISIS (“Islamic State”) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

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