Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania in the USA have created chewing gum that can prevent the spread of coronavirus. They talked about this in one of the last articles on the organization’s website.
One of the developers of the drug in such an unusual form, Henry Daniel, explained that he was guided by the knowledge about the multiplication of the virus in human saliva. That is why infection occurs when someone sneezes or coughs – the virus comes out.

“Chewing gum will neutralize the virus in saliva – this will give us a simple potential way to eliminate this way of spreading the disease,” – said the scientist.

Healing gum provides disease prevention thanks to the ACE2 protein. Experiments with the introduction of this substance have shown that it reduces viral load even in patients with severe infections. Experiments with saliva samples from patients have shown that the new agent reduces the level of coronavirus RNA in it to almost zero. Researchers will now continue to study their innovation at the clinic.

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